Analysis of your data and contextualization of your studies

We can help you setting up your protocols

You would like to:

  • Set up a study
  • Collect your own data

But you don’t know:

  • Where to start
  • How to determine the sample size
  • How to organize your dataset

To precisely analyze your data :

You would like to:

  • Have an overview of current knowledge in a specific field?
  • Benefit from an update on the latest developments in this field?

Our team strives to provide you with an accurate bibliographical synthesis based on current and relevant references in this field.

To carry out your scientific bibliographical synthesis

You would like to:

  • Understand a phenomenon
  • Explain it according to various environmental factors
  • Create a model to make predictions based on your data

Our team will select and combine different statistical methods to answer your questions, while helping you to understand what is hidden in your data, and to get to the bottom of all the information you can draw from it.

Our team can provide support from the beginning of your project

Ecological data are usually cumbersome and their analysis requires to take into account a large number of environmental parameters (meteorological parameters, sampling, …). It is necessary to take into account all the factors of analysis such as the repetition of the observers on the ground, the spatial or temporal dependence of the data

Thanks to our knowledge of the academic world and its constraints, we are able to help you. Therefore, our approach is to accompany you throughout your project, either totally, from the definition of your study protocol to the delivery of your results, or partially with only assistance for the complete statistical analysis of your data

Our statistical expertise

Linear discriminant analysis

Means comparison tests

Interaction models

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