Communication of your results

We offert you to make your results impactful with an adapted visualization:

  • Want to capture the attention of your audience?
  • Do you want the public to remember your results?

Our team offers you dynamic graphs that will captivate your audience

To write and publish articles, reports, journals and scientific works:

  • You have interesting results and you want to valorize them?
  • You wish to publish your results in a scientific journal but the publication process seems long and laborious?

Our team takes care of writing the synthesis article of your results and accompanies you throughout the publication process, from the submission to the answers to be given to the reading committee.

To help you make your results accessible :

  • Not sure how to make your results accessible to your target audience?
  • Do you want to popularize what you say without lowering the scientific rigor of your results?

Our team is there to make your communication of your results as clear and understandable as possible and accompany you in a process of popularization.

Due to our strong link with the academic world and our multilingualism (French, English, Russian), our team has published articles in national and international journals with review committees

Publications of the team

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