Our team

Thomas HURAUX, research analysis technician and holder of a degree in Cell Biology and Physiology of Organisms, will accompany you in the field. He is also the king of data, both in terms of taking biological data, and from cleaning to preliminary analysis of it. Vincent COMOR, doctor in ecology and president of the company, will accompany you in the definition of your projects, its follow-up and will know how to use his pen to give you complete, precise and well-written reports.

At FaunaStats, it is the women who do the mathematics by analyzing your data with all the resources of data science. Anna Pavlovna NESTEROVA, General Manager of FaunaStats, Doctor of Biology and Ecology, has already published 21 quality articles in international journals. She is also the queen of GPS data processing. Nancy REBOUT, executive employee, doctor in ethology and agricultural engineer, will be in charge with Anna of the statistical analysis of the data and will be able to make the mathematical concepts of data analysis accessible and understandable to you.

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